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In PressPad, we’ve published hundreds of news apps, thousands of digital issues, and served millions of readers, worldwide. Drawing on years of practical experience we are putting into publishers’ hands the brand-new advanced mobile app, enhanced with useful features and modern look. The goal is to distribute magazines on Google Play even more effectively.

Building this digital publishing solution we decided to focus on PDF files usage. The reason was that this format is well known and mostly used by publishers and authors as sources of online content. This is also a good foundation to create a dedicated mobile magazine app available for Android smartphone users.

Are you curious about the effect?

Come and see what PressPad’s new magazine app solution looks like.

New PDF-based magazine app for Android

Magasinet Norske Hjem is a Norwegian interior magazine providing content related to architecture, gardening, and design. They’re masters in diversifying their distribution channels – you can read the content on their website, on different social media channels, and also in the magazine app built by PressPad.

What makes this magazine app unique?

  • the general look of the app is modern and clear thanks to issues presented in two transparent rows you can swipe to look through the whole library,
  • miniatures of covers are sizable, and thus clear and visible,
  • each magazine number has little icons on the right which mean: preview option (blue) and the possibility to buy (green); there’s also the possibility to add an icon meaning the latest issue/issues (which is orange),
  • after expanding the left side app panel, you’ll find a social media feed; you can either scroll down or go directly to Facebook and/or Twitter by just one click,
  • on the right, there are filter options, which organize content for individual preferences according to categories: all, to buy, available to download, downloaded, and by default, A to Z, Z to A.

Feel free to explore this app yourself; download and go trough Magasinet Norske Hjem.

Magazine app’s richness

PressPad answers the needs of the growing popularity of digital publications among small and medium publishing companies, as well as individual writers and authors. New magazine app solution, apart from social media feed integration and free technical updates, offers also the list of features that make mobile publishing as easy as possible.

Some of the specialties are:

  • unlimited hosting to store your PDFs allowing to upload all your archive and monetize on past issues,
  • push notifications to send your readers customized messages on the device,
  • subscriptions sales option to monetize,
  • the possibility to make some editions of your publication available for free to attract readers.

Combined into one application they give huge possibilities to publishers and great pleasure to readers.

Do you want to try our new solution?

Let’s discuss your online magazine.

Why have we focused on magazine apps for Android users?

Android support enjoyed great interest from publishers and authors associating with us since the beginning. They’ve wanted to reach the system’s users with their content. Looking at the statistics below, such need isn’t surprising.

PressPad has launched a magazines app for Android
Global market share held by two leading smartphone operating systems 2009-2018, by quarter in percent.

Introduced by Google in 2007, Android is the leading operating system that supports smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Its popularity remains at a constant, high level throughout the whole world.

Consequently, Google Play as an official Android app market contains millions of different apps for devices with this system.

HINT: PressPad Magazine Apps stay up to date with Google Play requirements.

Google Play Market is making developers update their projects all the time. In the end, thanks to these changes, apps still have a good performance boost, they’re functioning smoothly, providing comfort and safety for users.

PressPad magazine apps comply with Google’s technical specifications, making publishers and authors conquer Google Play Market with their content without any worries.

Is there a better way to distribute your magazine?