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digital magazine Student Brands - Money Matters publishing software

Student Brands - Money Matters

Money is a big part of a student’s life and simply put one can never have enough of it and that is why we at Student Brands bring you our latest magazine issue for finance titled ‘Money Matters’ which will include all you need to know about spending your money, saving your money and even how important it is to start investing in your future right now.

digital magazine Commonweal Magazine publishing software

Commonweal Magazine

Commonweal’s mission is to provide a forum for civil, reasoned debate on the interaction of faith with contemporary politics and culture. Read by a passionate audience of educated Catholics as well as readers from many other faiths, Commonweal presents well-argued, respectful points of view from across the ideological spectrum. In an often contentiously divided Catholic church and secular culture, its status as an independent, lay-run journal of opinion encourages conversations that can be difficult in other settings. Since its founding in 1924 Commonweal has staked a claim for Catholic principles and perspective in American life. It has been credited with helping prepare American Catholics for Vatican II, and Commonweal’s current readers say it has helped them weather the church’s sexual-abuse scandal and work through questions related to the role of women, church teachings on sexuality, and other contemporary issues. The magazine has an ongoing interest in social justice, ecumenism, just-war teaching, liturgical renewal, and the interchange between Catholicism and liberal democracy. Today Commonweal publishes many of the leading Catholic theologians, writers and public figures in the United States. Commonweal has a unique history of taking strong and controversial positions, often liberal and opinionated yet tolerant in tone. The editors condemned the firebombing of Dresden and the use of atomic weapons; they have criticized American racism; supported resistance to U.S. involvement in Vietnam; and took issue with the 1968 papal encyclical Humanae vitae but also the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. Today the magazine maintains prolife convictions while being critical of single-issue abortion politics, and provides a space for marginalized voices.

digital magazine JazzPRESS publishing software


Miesięcznik JazzPRESS to internetowy magazyn poświęcony muzyce improwizowanej, wydawany od marca 2011 roku i związany z internetowym www.RadioJAZZ.fm JazzPRESS promuje i opisuje świat muzyki jazzowej z całym jej bagażem wielości stylistycznych. W każdym numerze poza aktualnymi wiadomościami owydarzeniach i nowych płytach jazzowych znaleźć można ciekawe rozmowy z muzykami i promotorami muzycznymi. W miesięczniku nie brakuje relacji z koncertów i festiwali odbywających się nie tylko na scenach polskich. Co miesiąc ze szczególną atencją doceniamy jeden album kwalifikując go do rubryki Top Note. Ważne miejsce w profilu pisma zajmuje promocja młodych polskich muzyków jazzowych i ich dorobku. Darmowy miesięcznik zawiera wszystko to co ważne, ciekawe i inspirujące w muzyce jazzowej oraz improwizowanej, mieści również działy poświęcone gatunkom pokrewnym (np. Bluesowy Zaułek). W piśmie mieszczą się także teksty felietonistyczne, stałe rubryki oraz comiesięczna porcja recenzji albumów jazzowych. Zapraszamy do lektury – Piszemy dla Was i dzięki Wam!

digital magazine Online Business Smart Guide publishing software

Online Business Smart Guide

Explore the latest ideas to help you develop your online business. Each monthly issue presents Items In The News, Feature Articles, Resources, Ideas and Tips, and a complete business idea to inspire your success.

digital magazine Flying Fish publishing software

Flying Fish

Электронное издание для ищущих и жаждущих нового. Для тех, кто желает не только лицезреть, но и познавать.

digital magazine Incolor publishing software


InColor magazine is published four times a year by the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA). It features information relating to the gemstone trade, mining, gemology, jewelry, education, trends, and fashion as well as ICA member related issues. In addition to producing content from InColor's editorial team, articles written by industry experts are also published.

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