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digital magazine Το Παγκάκι publishing software

Το Παγκάκι

Περιοδική εκδοτική συνάντηση του Συλλόγου Πολιτισμού «Μέδων ‘93» Πρώην Κατοίκων, Εργαζομένων, Αθλητών & Μαθητών Άσπρων Σπιτιών Βοιωτίας

digital magazine OTHER magazine publishing software

OTHER magazine

OTHER magazine is an international bi-annual aimed at people who find a fascination in exploring the unfamiliar 'other'. We are interested in those with an unusual or unique and creative pursuit, particularly those with an alternative, spiritual, humanitarian, occult, or artistic quest. The human condition is capable of encompassing the most diverse, broad-ranging, and disparate scope of experiences imaginable. We will feature the expression of these experiences through interviews, short biographies, reviews, and voices from the arts, nature based spirituality, and personalities deemed interesting. In keeping with our name, we will feature works that are curious, smart, satirical, informative, interesting, investigative, and serious. We will explore this vision through photography, film, graphic design, music, literature, culture, and performance arts.

digital magazine Lone Wolf Magazine publishing software

Lone Wolf Magazine

Lone Wolf Magazine is an internationally distributed print fashion publication that caters to artists, business women, and creative dreamers. Every step we've made so far in our evolution as a magazine has been fueled by the belief that to affect positive change in this world, we need to change what we idolize. Lone Wolf magazine exists because we believe fashion is not just about clothes - it is a language that speaks to what we value as a culture.

digital magazine r.LEGACY publishing software


r.LEGACY is a print and digital lifestyle magazine for millennials. In acknowledging that mainstream and traditional media outlets often overlook stories that lack the mass appeal needed to increase revenue, we aim to fill the gap by providing today's generation with stories that impact their lives. Ultimately, r.LEGACY is a platform for the stories of today's generation to be heard, showing that we all have a legacy.

digital magazine Enduro Magazine publishing software

Enduro Magazine

Australia's leading mountainbike publication for the xc/trail/enduro market. Run by riders, for riders, Enduro Magazine’s editorial and photographic team are as diverse as its readership: we are the hairy and shaved legged, we are the beer drinkers and protein-shake-consumers, we are the racers and weekend-warriors, we are the whippets and cruisers, we wear the suits and the aprons covered in grease; we’re just like you and we love to ride. Now in our tenth year of publication.

digital magazine ISLAM HOY publishing software


ISLAM HOY 35 noviembre – diciembre 2014 Periódico bimensual gratuito y de distribución por toda España. Trigésima quinta edición del periódico ISLAM HOY.

digital magazine Unique U Magazine publishing software

Unique U Magazine

Unique U Magazine is a new publication that has a vision to empower women of all walks of life. Unique U will focus on important issues and concerns of busy women, like health, fitness, beauty and fashion. If it's Spiritual energy you need to get your day started or to wind you down, we have that too. In a world were fear is a driving force behind the way we live our lives with caution, it is very necessary to keep focused and energized with a positive outlook into the world in which we live. Our pages are filled with a Unique "no pun intended" style that will make any woman reserve her copy and share with friends and family one of the most chic and soon to be the most successful magazine to grace your local book store. Be the Unique U that is found in every woman.

digital magazine Self Build Homes publishing software

Self Build Homes

Self Build Homes is the perfect magazine for anyone interested in self building, whether they are casually thinking the possibility of starting their own self-build project, are in the middle of a build at present, or are a veteran of numerous self-build homes.

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