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digital magazine World Airshow News publishing software

World Airshow News

World Airshow News is published bimonthly (6X per year), and exclusively covers airshows in the U.S. and internationally. Each issue contains some of the best aviation photography on the planet, interviews with performers, and in-depth coverage of large and small airshows. Each issue features a "stick time" column, whereby one of our writers relates what it was like to fly with a current airshow performer. ================================== World Airshow News (WAN) was published continuously from 1986 to May 2004 as a trade magazine. In July 2004, it was relaunched as a colorful, lively magazine of airshows, airshow performers, airshow acts, and related companies and activities. At that time the magazine underwent a dramatic redesign, in preparation for its debut at bookstores and specialty shops. March, 2005 marked the newsstand rollout of the magazine, which was available in hundreds of bookstores and specialty shops across the U.S. In 2013, we decided to return to subscription-only distribution, based on the high waste inherent with newsstand distribution. The magazine is published six-times per year, along with with an annual sister publication called Airshow Professional (our catalog of airshow-related performers and businesses).

digital magazine Food Product Design publishing software

Food Product Design

Food Product Design magazine focuses on the application of science based ingredients that drive innovative & compliant food and beverage products for the consumer market. It features health and safety issues associated with various foods and ingredients, including product recalls. It also features food trends from low-salt to new and healthy sweeteners as well as information about nutrition, diets, allergens and more.

digital magazine The Child City Children's Magazine publishing software

The Child City Children's Magazine

Inspire curious minds. Stories, global news, GK, puzzles & activities for kids. The Child City - monthly interactive digital magazine for kids in the age group of 6-12. Illustrated stories and articles through which we could stimulate kid's imagination, develop literacy skills, build early reading habit and fill the child's mind with knowledge. Children can enjoy a wonderful world of learning and exploration through our e-magazine 'The Child City' and storybook series 'Curious Club'. Download the app today!

digital magazine Zouk Magazine publishing software

Zouk Magazine

A magazine about food culture and gastronomy. We are interested in products and the human and personal stories behind every thing we got to the mouth. Because we believe it is important and that producers are important. We’re also going to discuss about the history of what we eat, food migrations, customs and traditions, because we understand that this is part of the cultural heritage of communities.

digital magazine Empowered Woman publishing software

Empowered Woman

Uniting Empowered Women from around the world from different backgrounds, unique cultures and diverse lives.

digital magazine European Travel Magazine publishing software

European Travel Magazine

EuropeanTravel Magazine is published monthly, featuring articles, pictures a monthly airport guide feature, travel guides and information for your travels within Europe. Guest posts from European Bloggers feature every month.

digital magazine MARIONS NOUS ! publishing software


Le magazine parfait pour préparer mon mariage. Mariée dans un an ? Dans un mois ou deux ? Oubliez râleries, soupirs et jérémiades en tous genres… L’heure est au bonheur, c’est même la tendance majeure du moment. Comme Pharrell Williams, nous aussi, on affiche une banane jusqu’aux oreilles, et on montre qu’on est "Happy" ! Phénomène de société ? Sans doute. En tout cas, on se laisse gagner, avec une joie non déguisée par cette vague d’optimisme ambiant. Et même si tout n’est pas rose, ça nous donne envie de voir la vie du bon côté. Une preuve ? Le temps qu’on va passer devant son miroir à se faire belle et à prendre soin de soi pour être aussi glam qu’une actrice de cinéma pour le grand soir. Autre preuve ? Le retour du rose, qui nous fait monter le rose aux joues, envahit nos dressings, et nos intérieurs, et repeint joyeusement nos beiges un peu trop moroses. Dans ce numéro donc, que de bonnes nouvelles et de bonnes raisons de laisser ses idées noires au placard : les nouvelles tendances d’animation, des idées inédites et décalées en matière de réception, toutes les coiffures qu’on va avoir envie d’adopter et LA coiffure qui, forcément, va nous inspirer… Bref, comme dans chaque numéro, une mine d’idées branchouilles et décalées, qui inciteront même nos hommes à arborer, à leur manière, barbe, moustache et boutonnière. Et parce que, même notre Président semble avoir cédé à la tendance happiness du moment, on vous livre un petit test, qui vous dira quelle first Lady vous feriez vraiment… Vous souriez ? Ce n’est que le commencement ...

digital magazine Hotelier Indonesia publishing software

Hotelier Indonesia

Hotelier Indonesia Magazine, Hotelier Indonesia Magazine is for the hotelier and hospitality professional who is a worker at any level. The magazine has a commitment to be a platform for those who are represent professional in hospitality industry. And to promote the concept of community in this fast growth industry. visit us at www.hotelier-indonesia.com

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