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Get interactive magazine apps from your existing PDF files

Start with our risk-free plans and manage your native mobile apps & flipbooks via an intuitive web-based dashboard.

  • Unlimited hosting to store your PDFs
  • Free technical updates of the app
  • Print subscribers onboarding
  • Social media feed integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Unlimited transfer

Digital Publishing Has Never Been Easier

Single or Multiple Edition App

PressPad mobile apps allow you to distribute free or paid content. With social media integration it is a great solution for magazine publishing or B2B controlled distribution.

Boutiques can spread their catalogues and engage customers with push notifications. Single Edition App is a perfect solution to leverage your mobile marketing.

Let Your Content Shine With Native iOS and Android Apps

No Coding Required

It's as easy as typing and takes 2 minutes to set up. Simply upload your magazine's PDF file onto your PressPad account. Then follow configuration steps and order your mobile app.

You'll be notified by email once your app is ready to publish on the App Store. If you don't like what you get, then no worries - you can walk away without being charged.

Learn Mobile Marketing from the Experts at PressPad

Digital Marketing Tips

We have increased the distribution of hundreds of publishers worldwide, use our experience to your advantage. We share our knowledge with you on our digital publishing and marketing blog.

Why we do this? Well, we believe that knowledge should be accessible free of charge. It is up to you to decide whether to use it yourself, or request support from the experts at PressPad.

Easy To Start, Multi-Platform, and Cost-Effective

Publisher friendly by Design

We know you're really busy, so we designed PressPad with your comfort and time in mind. Usually you can use your existing PDF files without any changes.

With this, it is super fast and effective to have all of your back issues (past issues) published on the most popular mobile app stores and your branded e-kiosk. With PressPad your time to market is very short and your digital publishing ROI is positive.

Instant Publishing

Once your mobile app is live in the App Store, the new issue publishing takes minutes.
Just upload your PDF using Dashboard, click Publish and it’s already in your app!
The same goes for the flipbook e-kiosk. You can start your flipbook app within a day,
upload and publish an unlimited number of files instantly.

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