Has anybody successfully monetized content on mobile app without ads?

There are a few effective ways to successfully monetize content if you don’t want to use ads. One of the most profitable options is a paywall.

This is a strategy to increase revenue based on restricting access to content via a paid subscription.

  • You can set up a paywall even if you distribute your content via different platforms: on the desktop or in a mobile app.
  • You have a choice between, a hard paywall, a soft paywall or varying degrees in between.
  • he possibility of individualizing a flexible paywall strategy makes the implementation process easier.

Remember - before you’ll start, you need to ask yourself important one question: what is exactly the aim of mine paywall strategy?

More about paywall solutions, strategies, aims and profits you will find here: Paywall, does it pay to use it? All you need to know about a paywall


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