How can I improve my app and get more downloads?

You can increase the number of apps installs using a few really simple and effective ways.

First of all, take care of reviews.

  • Reviews are a key factor for users to judge whether they want to download the app or not.
  • The most important thing is the number of stars – the rating – given to the app by other users.
  • Ask your family, friends and people you trust to write a review of your app. They can say some kind words about your content or things they could achieve thanks to the app. Most importantly, they should rate your app giving the maximum number of stars.

Secondly, make your app visible on social media.

  • Make short videos to encourage people to explore your app. It is easier to understand how something works by watching a short video than seeing a photo.
  • Pin post about app or video on top of the Facebook/Twitter page, to make it visible to all visitors.
  • You can also write series of posts or Tweets abour your app features. Make relevant screenshots and add to it.

Thirdly, use your blog or website.

  • Add the Smart App Banner to the top of your site or blog. I mean a clickable banner that will link the user directly to Google Play or Appstore.
  • Blog and website are a great place to write the story behind your product – what inspired you to create it, what problems you faced during the development and how you deal with them

If you want to know more about promoting app, read this article: Over 10 000 App Installs. How to Promote a Mobile App to Achieve That Much?


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