How can I promote blog sites easily?

If you have a blog it’s obvious that you want to promote it and get more readers.

How do readers can hear about your blog?

  • Be visible on the Internet - be wherever your readers are (current and potential).
  • Look for Facebook Groups & Pages related to your topic, join them, ask for something or comment, show that you can help them. Just be inside the discussion.
  • Regularly use social media: Twitter, Instagram. Watch hashtags related to your industry and engage with people that use them.
  • Use tools which help with visitors retention.

Make people remember your blog and… come back. These tools have great potential to grow readers retention to your website.

  • Newsletter. Combine that with giving unique value to your Newsletter subscribers and subscribe form on your website to build a really strong retention channel.
  • Mobile App. The app will automatically notify customers about new product and make sure that your readers won’t forget about you.

To promote your blog even more successfully, use these 10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic and Readership.


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