How can you monetize a "trending news website" efficiently and effectively?

In my opinion, the best strategy for monetizing a news website is paywall.

This is an effective strategy to increase revenue based on restricting access to content via a paid subscription.

  • You can set up a paywall even if you distribute your content via different platforms: on the desktop or in a mobile app.
  • You have a choice between:
    • a hard paywall requires users to pay to access all content,
    • a soft/metered model offers a specific number of free access articles before requiring a paid subscription,
    • a freemium model consists of giving free access to a part of the site and keeps articles with higher added value for subscribers only
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      • - The possibility of individualizing a flexible paywall strategy makes the implementation process easier.

      Make friends with regular data analysis:

      • what time do people read?
      • how do they discover your content?
      • which device do they use?

      Thanks to answering these questions, you can adapt paywall to a wide range of reading habits and as a result, get more readers to your website.

      More about set up paywall you will find here: Paywall, does it pay to use it? All you need to know about a paywall.


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