How do I get a lot of downloads of my app on the App Store? I do not have a large personal social network.

Social media are very useful to promoting mobile app, so you should consider expanding your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

But there are a few different ways to get more app installs.

Get App Reviews.

Reviews are a key factor for users to judge whether they want to download the app or not. The most important thing is the number of stars – the rating – given to the app by other users.

How to get Five Reviews?

Ask your family, friends and people you trust to write a review of your app. They can say some kind words about your content or things they could achieve thanks to the app. Most importantly, they should rate your app giving the maximum number of stars.

Remembet about ASO.

Improve your app visibility and take care of app icon and screenshots.

The app icon.

  • Try not to include too many colors or too much detail
  • App logo should be simple and easy to remember — less is more
  • Do not overdo it with colors
  • Improve scalability
  • Take care of consistency
  • Ask friends what they think about it
  • Ask yourself: would I pay attention to it?

The app screenshots.

  • Focus on app features — one feature on one screenshot.
  • Show that your app is easy to use.
  • Don’t forget about making your design visible, intuitive, modern.

your blog and website.

If you consider your website or blog the greatest strength of your brand, take care of it even more. Put a clickable banner on your website/blog with information about your application (a clickable banner that will link the user directly to Google Play or Appstore).

More about different ways and channels to promote mobile app you will find in this article.


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