How do I monetize a news website with around 3 million monthly visitors & 1 million Facebook followers?

Congratulations, you know what you’re doing! It seems like a great start to monetize your content.

One of the most effective content monetization strategy is paywall. Maybe you’ve just known it, but the news publishers are the ones who gain the biggest profits on the introduction of a paywall model.

How is it possible that this way based on paid subscriptions achieved success in the age of immediate, quick and free admission to news and information?

First of all, paywall success is based on the readers’ need to get the fastest news updates. The paywall model has proven effective for news publishers because when they gate access, people feel they need to pay for it and they’re used to paying for news. They’re most likely to do this with the publishers and brands they trust most.

Secondly, paywall individual customization is the key that allows publishers to increase their income more significantly. The publishers have a choice between a hard paywall, a soft paywall and varying degrees in between. The can choose model which fits them best. The possibility of individualizing a paywall strategy makes the implementation process easier.

Thirdly, I would like to recommend you a great article about paywall. You will find inside pros and cons, and useful tips about implementing paywall process.


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