Digital Publishing Solutions for Apple iPad

Up until 2010 magazine publishers followed a very know path. Last big thing that happened to publishing industry was invention of the Internet and ever since not much changed. Until 2010 when completely new category of devices was introduced and very well adopted by the users: Apple iPads and Android tablets.

Digital publishing solutions growth

Publishers use digital publishing solutions for mobile devices and desktop.

Within couple of months of Apple releasing the original iPad publishers realize that tablets are not a threat to them. Quite the opposite – they saw this new category of devices as a way to reach more markets, more target groups and therefore sell more. One thing that was missing in 2010 is now also solved: software. Whole new category of Digital Publishing Solutions were developed to help publishers focus on their job better.

Publishers get more readers with Digital Publishing Solutions

Increasing the number of digital channels publishers can reach new readers is probably number one job today for publishing companies. Apple started mobile revolution in 2010 with release of original iPad and suddenly publishers woke up in a reality where they have to embrace this new medium. Simple Digital Publishing Solutions were developed to help publishers focus on delivering content to readers, relieve them of IT headache and dealing with App Store and Google Play Store policies.

Digital Publishing Solutions can help you grow

Every magazine publisher wants to grow. This is particularly hard in todays economy and with a limited resources. Fortunately there is an easy way to significantly enlarge markets that your company address – and this is mobile and digital. While going mobile may sound tough it really isn't with a help of PressPad. However our Digital Publishing Solutions are dedicated publishing products for the mobile distribution as well as online PDF issues sales..

Publishers can test mobile stores and online stores spending very little money comparing to building custom solution. Therefore reaching new people and growing with our digital publishing solutions are easier than ever!


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