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digital magazine Essence Bahamas Magazine publishing software

Essence Bahamas Magazine

The National Magazine on the Bahamas tourism and cultural industry. Essence Bahamas Magazine is design for these various individuals in mind; leisure, business, singles, couples, families, and groups travelers planning their next vacation to the Bahamas. This magazine acts as a guide for our diverse customers base with vital information on our tourism and cultural product, current events, reviews, press releases, various features covered in our magazine, and our music of the Bahamas. We have over 700 islands for you to explore our paradise on earth, various landmarks throughout our archipelago of islands for you to visit, historic and heritage tours, fine dining, nightlife, an array of renown resorts and time share vacation rental properties, and our most intriguing junkanoo festival.

digital magazine Revista Passarinhando publishing software

Revista Passarinhando

A revista brasileira sobre observação de aves e fotografia de natureza. A revista trará, a cada edição, matérias relacionadas a observação de aves, como destinos para a prática da atividade, preservação, apresentação de espécies, fotografia dos leitores, portfólio de um fotógrafo de natureza, a apresentação de um clube de observação de aves e de um guia, divulgação de eventos. Sobre fotografia, a revista trará dicas sobre técnicas e informações sobre lançamentos de equipamentos.

digital magazine Wildland Magazine publishing software

Wildland Magazine

The idea behind Wildland is to take peoples personal travel, lifestyle and exploration stories and bring them to life in print and picture. Each issue will feature a different theme, this could include camping in the Italian Alps to Kayaking in Slovenia or even to creating custom Skateboards in East London. All of these stories and images will come together beautifully in this palm sized journal. Wildland is run solely by me (Nathan Cleary), with a little help on the writing side from family and friends. Wildland has no adverts, sponsors or any kind of initial funding which allows full space for the all-important content. My vision for this journal is a new and exciting way of publishing. There are no budgets for photographers or writers instead each happy contributor will be entitled to a share of the profit from each magazine sold. After the printing and distribution costs are covered the rest will then be split equally between all contributors making it equal, fair and original. The aim of Wildland journal is to inspire people to go travel, explore and seek out that perfect, individual lifestyle.

digital magazine 香りの専門誌パルファム publishing software


創刊35年を誇る、数少ないコスメ&香りの専門誌です。 パルファムの編集・発行は全て香りの評論家である平田幸子が手がけています。長年の経験と美容と香りの業界で現役で活躍し、香りのスクールも好評。 そんな背景のなかでパルファムならではの最新のコスメ&香り情報が満載です。欲しい香りが見つかるページや星占いであなたの気になる香りも発見できます。プレゼントもあります。 その他香りのプロモーションやお店紹介もありコスメや香り探しにお役にたてます。また香り関連のお仕事の方にも役立つ新情報が掲載されています。香り好きの方必読です。

digital magazine The Islander publishing software

The Islander

The only monthly English language yachting magazine in the Mediterranean, with a niche in the Superyacht market

digital magazine MARIONS NOUS ! publishing software


Le magazine parfait pour préparer mon mariage. Mariée dans un an ? Dans un mois ou deux ? Oubliez râleries, soupirs et jérémiades en tous genres… L’heure est au bonheur, c’est même la tendance majeure du moment. Comme Pharrell Williams, nous aussi, on affiche une banane jusqu’aux oreilles, et on montre qu’on est "Happy" ! Phénomène de société ? Sans doute. En tout cas, on se laisse gagner, avec une joie non déguisée par cette vague d’optimisme ambiant. Et même si tout n’est pas rose, ça nous donne envie de voir la vie du bon côté. Une preuve ? Le temps qu’on va passer devant son miroir à se faire belle et à prendre soin de soi pour être aussi glam qu’une actrice de cinéma pour le grand soir. Autre preuve ? Le retour du rose, qui nous fait monter le rose aux joues, envahit nos dressings, et nos intérieurs, et repeint joyeusement nos beiges un peu trop moroses. Dans ce numéro donc, que de bonnes nouvelles et de bonnes raisons de laisser ses idées noires au placard : les nouvelles tendances d’animation, des idées inédites et décalées en matière de réception, toutes les coiffures qu’on va avoir envie d’adopter et LA coiffure qui, forcément, va nous inspirer… Bref, comme dans chaque numéro, une mine d’idées branchouilles et décalées, qui inciteront même nos hommes à arborer, à leur manière, barbe, moustache et boutonnière. Et parce que, même notre Président semble avoir cédé à la tendance happiness du moment, on vous livre un petit test, qui vous dira quelle first Lady vous feriez vraiment… Vous souriez ? Ce n’est que le commencement ...

digital magazine The 360 Magazine publishing software

The 360 Magazine

360 is an edgy fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine. We will introduce cutting-edge brands, entities and trends to tastemakers within their respective communities. Our founding members have over 30 years of collective experience both as notable talent and uber professionals within the realm of fashion, music, art, design and entertainment. We are more than just a magazine comprised of journalists, representing a movement of social awareness and change. We are a LGBT friendly publication. The magazine is contemporary in look and appeal. Quality art content is the constant goal. The magazine will be entertaining, newsworthy and thought-provoking. It will appeal to a broad entertainment readership. No magazine like it is available today, constantly showcasing racial.