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digital magazine Mighty Car Mods publishing software

Mighty Car Mods

Mighty Car Mods is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but they are still on the driveway with an unwavering focus of showing viewers great car projects that they can do themselves at home.

digital magazine Broadway+Thresher publishing software


Every day, city dwellers are choosing to transport their lives from urban centers to more rural landscapes. These communities are becoming increasingly infused with new perspectives, creating unique opportunities for blending urban innovations with rural traditions. Broadway+Thresher will chronicle these journeys; highlighting the stories of local artisans, farmers, artists, and the design elements that furnish their inspiration.

digital magazine Street Motivation Magazine publishing software

Street Motivation Magazine

STREET MOTIVATION Magazine was designed to meet the needs of indie artist; the magazine meshes together not only the city’s urban society with local and national updates on music, the latest in local news, and events. STREET MOTIVATION is targeted towards 10-34 year old men and women and children. Our vision is for this publication to appeal to people of both sexes, from diverse backgrounds and a multitude of races. STREET MOTIVATION Magazine is a quarterly publication that is made available to readers by hard copy purchase. Our reading audience extends to numerous cities throughout Southern California, various states and countries.

digital magazine Avari Magazine publishing software

Avari Magazine

Avari Magazine is an independent fashion and art magazine that features talent from around the world. The theme of the magazine changes each month and submissions of content is accepted throughout the year. The magazine includes fashions and beauty editorials, art from a variety of artists, interviews and more. It is our goal to elevate the talent within Avari Magazine by sharing that talent with our readers.

digital magazine The Child City Children's Magazine publishing software

The Child City Children's Magazine

Inspire curious minds. Stories, global news, GK, puzzles & activities for kids. The Child City - monthly interactive digital magazine for kids in the age group of 6-12. Illustrated stories and articles through which we could stimulate kid's imagination, develop literacy skills, build early reading habit and fill the child's mind with knowledge. Children can enjoy a wonderful world of learning and exploration through our e-magazine 'The Child City' and storybook series 'Curious Club'. Download the app today!

digital magazine Mercadotecnia Inbound publishing software

Mercadotecnia Inbound

Marketing Expertos, Mercadotecnia Inbound es una revista con soluciones mercadológicas para el mercado actual. Nuestras soluciones y experiencia te ayudarán a entregar resultados en areas clave como: motores de búsqueda, redes sociales, correos electrónicos y marketing digital en web. Esta combinacion ha ayudado a muchos de nuestros clientes a interactuar y engancharse con sus clientes de la nueva mejor manera.

digital magazine Better Magazine publishing software

Better Magazine

Better Magazine is as a new men’s glossy quarterly magazine, in both digital edition for U.S. and international markets. With modern graphics and an elegant look, Better Magazine follows the classic path of a well-done magazine, trying to mix all the elements of a man’s lifestyle in a wrap of common sense and positive attitude. Better Magazine includes fancy articles with classy subjects from fashion and style, cars and bikes, travel and leisure, music and movies, sports and fitness. Interviews with iconic photographers, fashion designers, pop-rock characters, ecc, together with articles regarding urban culture and trendy subjects are also part of the editorial essence of Better Magazine's brand core values: artistic, elevated, modern.

digital magazine Polen Reizen publishing software

Polen Reizen

In onze brochure vindt u meer informatie over Polen en de steden Krakau, Warschau, Wroclaw en Gdansk. Wij geven tips over de bestemming en tevens vindt u er informatie over alle bezienswaardigheden in Polen. We hopen dat u het komende jaar ook kiest voor Polen als reisbestemming; het land dat ons hart gestolen heeft. Met Krakau, waar de vooroorlogse architectuur zo mooi behouden is gebleven, en Gdansk, de voormalige Hanzestad. De prachtige steden Wroclaw en Warschau, waar de inwoners u met open armen zullen ontvangen. En natuurlijk met het Zuidelijke bergdorpje Zakopane. We zouden u het liefst heel Polen laten zien! Met deze brochure kunt u meer inspiratie op doen voor uw reis naar Polen. Als onderdeel van deze brochure is een prijsbijlage bijgevoegd. Op pagina 3 vindt u onder andere een uitleg van hoe u een reis kunt boeken, maar het grootste deel van de brochure is gevuld met ons uitgebreide reisaanbod. Mocht u na het lezen van de brochure vragen hebben of liever niet via internet boeken, belt u ons dan gerust. Ook voor (groep)reizen op maat, bijvoorbeeld een trip met de hele familie of met alle collega’s, kunt u altijd contact met ons opnemen. Wij gaan er alles aan doen om uw reis naar Polen onvergetelijk te maken. Veel reisplezier toegewenst namens het hele team van Polenreizen.

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