Apple news alternative; for your online magazine.
Your branded News app available on Google Play and App Store.

All the features you need to build your brand awareness on mobile.
Activate Google mobile ads channel. Increase readership and retention. Distribute your web magazine content in a mobile adjusted form.



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Our News apps platform consists of many building blocks.
We can put them together to create a dedicated mobile experience.

Features that convert. No coding skills needed.

A metered paywall

Start selling using mobile payments

Various subscription buttons including "Buy a coffee", "Support Us", "Patronate us" let you monetize your content.

Let users find what they search for

Extended search feature enables readers to search your online content from the level of your app.

Dedicated design themes

Branded visual experience

Choose from a selection of design themes or let us design it for you from scratch.

Distribute Your Content Effectively

Make sure that with every new post being published on your blog, people get notified automatically about it. No matter whether they use Android or iOS mobile device. Create better content knowing who’s reading what thanks to in-app analytics.

Enable Push Notifications Marketing

A XXI century communication layer enables you to engage your audience, better. Emails are so 90s. Communicate with mobile users the way they see your message naturally on their mobile device.

Leverage SEO

Having branded app for your WordPress blog is a great addition to your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Let people google you easier thanks to being available on App Store and Google Play.

Increase Accessibility

Make sure that people will be able to read your content in flight mode or even if your blog is during technical maintenance or when experiencing servers outage. PressPad News let your readers access your content anytime, anywhere.

A simple way to get your branded news app on the most popular app stores.

  • No risk.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No credit card required.

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Our product is something more than the app; these are various monetization and users engagement opportunities we open for your online magazine. Let's start with testing the demo app on your mobile device; then we'll take your hand and guide you through everything you need to know.