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Questions & Answers

Do not hesitate to contact us if you'll have any questions

How do I know how many deals I am generating?

— Sign in to your PressPad News account and click heart icon on the top bar. You will see the counter on your affiliate dashboard that shows how many people have registered through your referral link.

How do I get paid?

— We send payment via PayPal each month after your balance exceed 100USD. Before the first transfer we'll give you a heads up by email and ask for your PayPal email.

How do you know who has come through my referral?

— It’s a bit technical. Everyone who use your referral link gets a cookie (a tiny piece of information) with your footprint in it. This cookie has a 6 month lifetime. If that person creates a PressPad News account and buys a service from us during the cookie life you’ll be recognized as the original referrer.

Can I resign anytime?

— Yes. We do not require long term commitments.

How do I contact PressPad?

— Call +1 (888) 712-0331 or email us at

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